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1. Morphology of Severe Rainfall Events in the Mediterranean Areas

2. Rainfall Forecasting and Uncertainty of Meteorological Predictions

3. Hydrological and Hydrometeorological Modelling

4. Precipitation Thresholds and Landsliding

5. Analysis of Sea Storm Events

6.The role of Remote Sensing and Meteorological Radar for the Prediction and Diagnosis

1. Morphology of Severe Rainfall Events in the Mediterranean Areas

O. Reale, L. Feudale

& B. Turato

Large scale moist dynamics and sub-synoptic processes relevant for flood forecasting

J.G. Pinto, U. Ulbrich

& P. Speth

The variability of cyclonic activity in the Mediterranean Area in the last 40 years and its impact on precipitation

M.C. Llasat, T. Rigo

& J.M Montes

Orographic role in the temporal and spatial distribution of precipitation. The case of the internal basins of Catalonia (Spain)

J.L. Sanchez, E. Garcia, J.L. Marcos & J. Dessens

Formation of big and giant drops inside Mediterranean convective cells

L. Cana, E. Hernandez, R. Garcia & D. Grisolia ­ Santos

Mesoscale convective systems during 1990­94: characteristics and synoptic environment

M.L. Martin, M.Y Luna

& F. Valero

Relationship between blocking activity and a heavy rain event at Southeastern Iberia

E. Pastor, M. Estrela, D. Penarrocha & M. Millan

Evaluation of the role of the sea­surface temperature on torrential rains on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast (Valencian Region) with a mesoscale numerical model (RAMS)

M. Estrela, D. Penarrocha, F. Pastor & M.Millan

Torrential events in the Spanish Mediterranean Coast (Valencian Region).Spatial precipitation patterns and their relation to synoptic circulation

N. Tartaglione, G. Pisacane

& P.M. Ruti

Mediterranean weather systems causing hazardous conditions in Italy

S. Palmieri, P. Bersani

& A. M. Siani

Severe storm cases in Italy: hydrological and ground effects in the Tiber Basin

2. Rainfall Forecasting and Uncertainty of Meteorological Predictions

G. Storti & C. Vitale

Statistical and methodological issues in short and medium term forecasting

A. Molin & R. Festa

A simplified model for meteorological now­casting

C. Marsigli, A. Montani, F. Nerozzi, T. Paccagnella, R. Buizza & F. Molteni

Probabilistic forecasts of Mediterranean storms with a limited area model

F. Grazzini, C. Marsigli , A. Montani,  F. Nerozzi, T. Paccagnella & C. Cacciamani

Some guidelines to the use of EPS products in the Mediterranean region

J.M. Piriou, N.,  Brzovic, M. Zagar, V. Jurcec , D. Banciu

& C. Dutescu

Current investigations at METEO­FRANCE about deep convection and cyclogenesis in Numerical Weather Prediction

L. Di Tria, S. Grimaldi, F.,  Napolitano & L. Ubertini

Rainfall forecasting using limited area models and stochastic models

A. Brath, A. Montanari

& E. Toth

Short-term rainfall prediction with time series analysis techniques for real-time flash flood forecasting

A.Brath, A. Castellarin

& A. Montanari

Detecting non-stationarity in extreme rainfall data observed in Northern Italy

A. Parodi & G. Boni

On the role of experimental evidences in the description of the distribution of annual rainfall maxima

3. Hydrological and Hydrometeorological Modelling

F. Giannoni, G., Roth

& R. Rudari

Drift model: a possible link between regionalization and hydrological simulation.

P. La Barbera & L.G. Lanza

Storm and landscape morphology: resonance of scales as a condition for extreme floods

M. Fiorentino & V. Iacobellis

Non-linearity effects in the process of floods generation

P. Claps & P. Villani

Analysis of peak over threshold within daily data for flood frequency curve assessment

D. Veneziano & P. Furcolo

Theoretical scaling of the IDF curves

A. Montanari & A. Brath

Maximum likelihood estimation for the seasonal Neyman - Scott rectangular pulses model for rainfall.

C. Galimberti - Aghion

& P. Burlando

Climatic forcing and flood frequency

V. Iacobellis, P. Claps

& M. Fiorentino

Climatic controls on the flood frequency distribution

L. Ferraris, U. Parodi

& G. Roth

Regional flood frequency analysis through a rainfall­runoff model: application to a coastal region in Northern Italy

G. Boni

A physically based regional rainfall frequency analysis: application to a coastal region in Northern Italy

R. Moussa, M. Voltz, P. Andrieux & P. Lagacherie

Hydrological modelling of flood events in a farmed Mediterranean catchment

E., Caporali, F. Castelli

& C. Lorenzini

Field study of precipitation and water film dynamics on a road pavement

4. Precipitation Thresholds and Landsliding

G. F. Wieczorek & F. Guzzetti

A review of rainfall thresholds for triggering landslides

R. Wilson

Climatic Variations in Rainfall Thresholds for Debris-Flow Activity

E. Ferrari, G. Iovine

& O. Petrucci

Evaluating landslide hazard through geomorphologic, hydrologic and historical analyses in North - Eastern Calabria (Southern Italy)

M. Cardinali, F Ardizzone, M. Galli,. F. Guzzetti

& P. Reichenbach

Landslides triggered by rapid snow melting: the December 1996-January 1997 event in central Italy

O. Petrucci & M. Polemio

Catastrophic Geomorphological Events and the role of rainfalls in South ­ Eastern Calabria (Southern Italy)

F. Sdao & M. Polemio

Slope instability and the road/railway system in the Basento river  valley (Southern Italy)

G. Chirico, P. Claps, F.  Rossi

& P. Villani

Hydrological conditions leading to debris flow initiation in the Campanian Volcanoclastic soils

A. Annunziati, A. Focardi,  P. Focardi, S. Martello & P. Vannocci

Analysis of rainfall thresholds that induced debris flows in the area of Apuan Alps - Tuscany, Italy (19 June 1996 storm)

5. Analysis of Sea Storm Events

S.L. Wakelin, R. Proctor, R. Preller &  P. Posey

The impact of meteorological data variability on modelling storm surges in the Adriatic Sea

G. Benassai, & S. Della Porta

Bimodal analysis of the directional wave spectra of some sea storms recorded offshore the Italian coast

6.The role of Remote Sensing and Meteorological Radar for the Prediction and Diagnosis

F. Meneguzzo, B, Gozzini, S. Migliorini, A. Ortolani,  L. Bottai

& G. Zipoli

Operational real time geostationary satellite rainfall estimates over the Mediterranean

P. Fiorucci, P. La Barbera, L.G. Lanza & R. Minciardi

A rain field reconstruction based on multisensor data for storm analysis and prediction in the Mediterranean

P.P. Alberoni, V. Levizzani, P. Mezzasalma,  S. Costa & R. Rizzi

Impact of meteorological radar and satellite data onto mesoscale analyses

P. Di Girolamo, P.F. Ambrico, A. Amodeo, A. Boselli,  M. Pandolfi, G. Pappalardo, N. Spinelli & V. Cuomo

Water vapour and cloud observations by radar during a front passage

R. Bechini, E. Dietrich, R. Fabbo & M. Bertato

Microphysical estimation of the cloud vertical profile by a C­band polarimetric radar

L. Ferraris, U. Parodi & R. Deidda

Multifractal properties of remotely sensed rainfall fields

V. Cuomo,  N. Pergola, C. Pietrapertosa,  E. Ricciardelli, F. Romano, C. Serio & V. Tramutoli

Satellite observations for extreme events interpretation

F. Caparrini,  E. Caporali & F.Castelli

Neural networks analysis of satellite images for land cover discrimination

A.L. Ekuakille,  M. Moretti, P. Pieri, F. Tralli & M. Tropeano

Spectral characterization of soil by using ers-2/sar satellite images

A. D' Orazio,  A. Lay Ekuakille, C. Ciminelli, M. De Sario, V. Petruzzelli &  F. Prudenzano

Architecture design of an integrated remote sensing center for nowcasting weather prediction in Mediterranean area: an overview

E. Napolitano,  G. Budillon, E. Pugliese Carratelli,  P. Villani & L. Musumanno

Radar rainfall estimations in the Campania region (Southern Italy): preliminary aspects