Impacts of climate change and watershed development on agricultural water security in India and Australia

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The long term impacts of climate change and watershed development (WSD) on water security are predicted to be severe in many river basins worldwide including the Krishna (in India) and the Murray-Darling basins (in Australia). Climate change and WSD are expected to have a significant impact on the hydrologic behaviour of these catchments. During the next four years, researchers from the University of Melbourne will join Indian-based partners in a collaborative research project to assess water security. The projects main goals will be to assess the combined impact of watershed interventions and climate change projections on surface and groundwater hydrology and to develop a combined hydro-economic methodology to assess adaptation response strategies to climate change and watershed developments.


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Dr. Biju George is a Research Fellow at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Melbourne. His research interests include water allocation modeling, irrigation system operation and modeling and basin water management.